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Philips On tap water purifier WP3822

$111.99 (3,732 THB)

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Condition: New!

Key features:

  • Pure water made easy with Digital Pure Protect Alert
  • Micro X-Pure
  • Digital
Brand: Philips / SKU: 359996 / Mfr: AP_WP3822 / EAN:

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Philips On tap water purifier WP3822 Description

Pure water made easy
Compact and sophisticated water purifier that gives you safe pure water by removing bacteria, soluble lead, harmful organic compounds and chlorine with a Micro X-Pure filter. Its precise display tells you exactly when to replace the filter.

Removes bacteria, soluble lead and harmful organic compounds
The Micro X-Clean is multi-filtration system. It consists of a hi-tech hollow-fibre membrane, which contains more than 300 billion micro-pores for the efficient removal of 99.99% of all bacteria, an ion exchanger to remove harmful soluble lead, a fine granular activated carbon to remove the harmful chlorination by-products, harmful industrial pollutants such as volatile organic chemicals, and agricultural pollutants such as the pesticide CAT. It also removes unpleasant chlorine, bad taste and odors. The filter preserves the good minerals in drinking water that are vital for human health.

LCD display informs you when to replace the filter
The electronic flow meter of your water purifier shows in a LCD display the actual remaining filter capacity, in liters. A blinking signal is activated once the filter reaches its lifetime, warning you precisely when the filter needs replacing.

Hi-flow with maximum rate of 2 liters per minute
This compact water purifier has a maximum flow rate of 2 liters per minute, which makes little change to the normal flow rate of unfiltered water. By simply rotating the water selection lever, you also have a choice of either a stream or a spray of unfiltered water or spray of filtered water.

Quick Fit tap adapters for easy installation on your tap
This advanced water purifier comes with a number of tailor-made Quick Fit tap adapters, to help you having an easy and simple installation of your purifier in your tap. Real sense and simplicity.

Advanced Quick Twist mechanism for easy filter replacement
The advanced Quick Twist filter change mechanism makes changing the filter quick, easy and secure, bringing sense and simplicity to your water purifier.

Shipping Weight: 0.50kg

Technical Details

  • Pure water made easy with Digital Pure Protect Alert
  • Micro X-Pure
  • Digital
  • Accessories: 8 QuickFit tap-mounting adapters, color coded PureProtect Alert
  • Replacement filter cartridge: WP3922
  • Water selection: filtered spray, unfiltered spray, unfiltered stream
  • Water flow rate: 5 °C
  • Water flow rate: 1.6 l/min
  • Color(s): white and silver
  • Product weight: 390 g
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 93 x 144 x 112 mm
  • Materials: plastic

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