Nintendo Switch Road to Guangdong Multi-Language, CN/EN Version

Nintendo Switch Road to Guangdong Description

Road to Guangdong –
Sunny and Gu Maa embark on a road trip to reunite distant relatives and save the family restaurant.

Slow Driving Game –
Rather than relying on the thrill of driving fast Road To aims to create a nostalgic experience, reminiscent of child hood holidays; long journeys through scenic countryside, with the radio and your family as constant companions.

RPG Style Repair and Maintenance –
players will need to maintain the beloved family car; Sandy. Filling petrol, topping Up oil and managing an inventory of parts.

Interactive Story –
At each destination Sunny must help solve a family problem, gain their trust and convince them to part with their secret recipe. If she does a good job, all of the family will come together to celebrate the spring festival at the family restaurant at the end of the game.

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