Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Dual-SIM SM-G988B/DS – Support Forum Buy Now – $959.99 (29,899 THB)

Its been 6 days with my S20 Ultra [Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Dual-SIM SM-G988B/DS - 321908]

In US. So far so good. But it definitely needs some improvement. So do I recommend it? Yes and No. Yes is because it is a good phone, one with best of the best hardware. No is because it is very expensive are we supposed to spend this much on a phone?) and very heavy yes, using it for long is a burden). Camera system is good and has potential. Yes it does add a yellow hue to some night shots and autofocus is a step back. But the 10x zoom is great. Main camera does have great resolution best 12MP pictures i have seen) and dynamic range. But Samsung needs to do some work to make it live up to the hypetutuapp. Battery life is really good. My has 120Hz all the way, auto brightness. I don't play a lot of games. Normally has 40 left after a day, with around 5 hours SOT like right now). So very good, way way better than my note 10. I don't need to say anything about the display, just the best. To conclude, it is a good phone and i don't regret buying it and trading in my note 10. But i don't recommend it to everyone until Samsung does something to make it $1 appvalley400 good.

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