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Problem with start up [ASUS Eee PC 701 Surf Back To School Offer - 158485]

I have purchased an eeepc recently and after deciding to update the software for the bios through the gui, the computer automatically restarted. During the restart process I turned off the computer and now when I turn it back on there is no action to indicate that the computer is working other than the power on light and the wireless light. There is no action to the screen. I wish to resolve this problem without returning this computer, please help!

I have already tried to:

remove and replace battery

use only mains

pressed the reset button



  • Maen
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If you're unlucky your BIOS now is corrupt and have to send it in i believe if you don't own an eeprom programmer and can open up the laptop and remove the bios eeprom chip.


/ Marcus 

  • panitoni
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 If I were you i'd look go to the eee pc forum located here.

There are far more people who could help you try to resolve the problem.


  • Brian M
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I have the exact same problem.  Did you get this resolved or did you have to return the PC to the vendor / manufacturer?


I have this problem too!

OMG its so annoying. Im bringing it in to where i bought it (CanadaComputers) and try to get an exchange :(

Yes i agree, when it was working the Eee PC was awesome!

Did you have any luck restoring it?


If you did could you email me on how you fixed this? 

  • tsf
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Same thing happened here - I don't get any bios screen on boot, just the green power light and the wireless light.

I've tried alt+f2 during boot, with a 701.ROM file resident on a USB key (tried it formatted as fat32 and fat16) but that didn't help.

Also tried a few combinations of the reset button on the bottom of the machine, and the power button, but nothing seems to work - I think I've got a corrupted bios and a bricked eee pc.

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