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When will the Transformer be shipped? [ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet Champagne - 226677]

I've been checking the internet and Asus says it's releasing the Transformer Prime today.

Is that true, and when can we expect delivery?




I would like to know when these will ship, also. Thanks.
  • Craig83
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  • Location: Expansys UK

Hi. I am working with ASUS to provide an accurate date for delivery of stock to Expansys.

As it currently stands we are expecting delivery of stock in the 2nd week of January 2012. This however is subject to change.

Please continue to check our website and Forums for the latest information.


  • wtrieu
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Hi Craig,

I noticed you are from Expansys UK, does this delivery estimate apply only to UK stock or does it apply to US stock also?


  • Pudge
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Wtrieu, I believe this update applies to the US stock as well.  There's this thread here which has gone back and forth on the out-of-stock/shipment delay issue.
  • VicR
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Hi this is a Uk update but the US have a similar date for stock

Vic Thanks for joining in on the Expansys Forum we love your feedback :)

  • Craig83
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Latest Update:

I have just received this update from ASUS. 

There will be no stock until the 1st week in February at the earliest.

We will however, have confirmed pricing in the 1st week of January.

Please continue to place your pre-orders. These will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please continue to check the website and the Forum for the latest information .



You should never promise to be FIRSt when you never could have been.  EVERY SINGLE OTHER RETAILER was able to ship one or two pre-order shipments by now and you say it has been delayed by the manufacturer when it has not.  Do you think us nerds do not read forums on the internet???  Really.  I will do everything in my power to make sure you are never used as a seller to anyone that I know.  I had a choice of three different retailers that have this item IN STOCK yet you hide behind some lie that the manufacturer has delayed shipments.   I will make sure I start a campaign against your company for your lies, inability to answer the phone when I called 16 times, and you complete lack of caring towards your customers.  I ORDERED MINE AT OFFICE DEPOT AND HAVE A SECOND ORDER I PLACED FOR A FRIEND AT ANOTHER RETAILER, BOTH SAY IT IS IN STOCK!  GAME STOP WILL BE RECEIVING ANOTHER SHIPMENT IN A WEEK AND ANOTHER IN TWO WEEKS< yet you say it will take till middle of January because of a delay in shipment by the manufacturer.  See how many pre-orders stay after everyone else realizes your lies

  • Craig83
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I have a recent update from ASUS regarding the Transformer Prime.

Unfortunately, the Transformer Prime will not be available until the end of February. This is due to slower than expected production because of the metallic casing.

I will be meeting with ASUS shortly and I hope to have any more positive update.

Please continue to check our forums and website for more news.





  • JDCohen
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Really Craig?!?! I cannot believe this!! It is ridiculous!!! I have an order and it says it "Usually ships in 4 days" From now?!?! Is that False??? I recieved this from Eric Smith at Expansys-USA: Is what he said incorrect??

"We do apologise for the delay on the ASUS Prime Tablet. Your model  has been pushed due to manufactures delays until next week. We hope to start confirming the Pre-orders around that time frame and begin shipping shortly after that. 

Regards Eric Smith" 

So who am I supposed to believe???????

  • stinkytom
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Hey I got the same message and now on another forum i saw that it is not expected until the end of february.I am sick of all the bull crap with this tablet if they do not send deliveries then i am cancelling with in the next two days. please tell me a definite dat. 

        Angry Customer.

  • Rob - Expansys
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Hi everyone,

In the UK stock is gradually becoming available for the Prime, slowly but surely. We are using any stock we receive to fulfill pre-orders first in chronological order.

Asus are aware we want as many as we can get our hands on, so hopefully the trickle of stock will become larger soon!