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Using Iphone 11 pro max resolution on Iphone 11 pro - Purple Glitches [Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Dual-SIM A2220 - 319194]

has anybody gotten the better res of the iphone 11 pro max to work with out system faults? right here's my experience on ios 13.three, unc0ver four.three.1:

installed machine info and set resolution with iofbres 2688 1242 command

at the start strive, i had a crimson bar on my notch. i then installed a12customresfix

after reboot, apps and the res regarded fine, however there were intense crimson patches/glitches performing.

i then gave up at reset the use of iofbres r

i do love the smaller font and having extra real property on the smartphone so i wonder if someone has gotten it to work?